The Euphoria Network

Thank you for considering one of our in game ranks or items. Ranks and items are currently available for our Skyblock/PvP server and our Prison/Plots/Survival/RP server. 

Donations are split between the developers and dedicated server fees. Once the server fee goal has been met monthly, all proceeds will be donated to the developers of the Minecraft community....from the ones that work directly on Euphoria to the ones that make the software platforms that we use. Without their dedication of personal time and resources, none of this would be possible. So thank you for allowing us to use your work and we hope to be able to give back :)) 

Most ranks and items should be received immediately unless stated otherwise. If you purchase something and do not receive it in a timely fashion, please contact me via the e-mail below.   Thx------Sallaf :))

  • Contact E-mail: sallaf.euphoria@gmail.com
  • Discord server: discord.me/euphmc
  • Server: play.euphmc.net 19132 (hub)